Money, money, money, must be funny…

Every day I am being asked about the preparations for the trip, what have I already done and whether I already have bought the flight tickets, etc. etc. So to make everything clear I’ve decided to write the post about those preparations. The current situation looks like that:

  • I am looking for the sponsors or partners (equipment, flight tickets, electronics and such). I have already sent dozents of emails to the outdoor and sport shops, to different airlines, to the electronics manufacturers and to other companies as well.
    The situation however doesn’t look very optimistic, as the only thing I get is either no answer or “Computer says no” answer. But I didn’t hope for anything much here, I just thought it was worth a shot. I still send more and more emails every day as I keep finding new companies. You never know, maybe after 200 declines I’ll finally get one “Yes”.
  • I am looking for the first flight tickets, which get more expensive from one day to another, but I am still waiting for the answers of the airlines. I don’t know however whether the waiting is worth my time and money..
  • I gather more and more information about the countries I want to go, about the transportation, accomodation, health care and every day life. The last thing I want or need is “Surprise, Surpise”, although I am aware it will come anyway, so I try to reduce it as possible it gets.
  • I have already found 2 Nepali organizations where I could possible volunteer at, I am in contact with them and we’re discussing the last things that need to be done before my arrival. I still don’t know for which I will decide myself. Either Administration+Fundraising or English Teaching at the monastery school. We’ll see.
  • And the last but not least important, I’m having check ups at every possible doctor now so I won’t have any health problems in the upcoming year. I also have to make myself an appointment for the needed vaccines. Deadline: End of November.

So, this is how it looks with me right now. Feel free to contact me in case you’d hear about anything I could make use of or about the things I forgot to think about with the preparations. Cheers and have an awesome day!

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