Everything you want to know when booking flight tickets online

I would like to share few tips for you, as I thought they might be useful for you. There are few things that I’ve learned, which I didn’t know before. Some of them are pretty surprising! So.. where to begin?

  • When you are looking for the flights in the internet you could think that the prices on the official website of the airline are lower, as there are no agents between you and the airline. This is not always true, as the prices on the flight scanners are often lower as they have prices with the internet discounts.

  • Although the prices at the flight scanners are initially lower, they tend to cash fees for the payment with the credit card, so the end price you will at the last step when booking the ticket.
  • As we know, there are plenty flight scanners and the ticket prices often vary, depending on the scanner, but the fees for the credit card payments vary as well. It can happen, that at one website you pay 15 Euro for the payment and on the another one you pay 5 or 20 or nothing. Everything depends on the website at which you are looking for the tickets.
  • You have to be very careful when booking the ticket, as after each step (by clicking next or continue at the flight scanner) the details may be different from the ones in the beginning. Example – I have bought a flight from Prague to Dubai. Initially I wanted to fly with Czech Airlines, as they have 23kg checked baggage allowance. In the last step however, as I checked the flight details, I found out, that the flight is operated by Smart Wings (low cost airline), and Czech Airlines are only the site which is selling the ticket. This means, that now all conditions are valid for Smart Wings (with 15kg checked in baggage) and not for Czech Airlines anymore. So I’ve decided to fly with Smart Wings, as the ticket was cheaper and it was the same flight anyways. But again, in the last step I found out that I won’t be flying with Smart Wings, but with Icelandair (with again 23kg checked in baggage), so I was satisfied with it this time.
  • When looking for the tickets I am using the website http://www.momondo.com as it compares the ticket prices at different scanners and offers you the lowest one. Recently I found out that the prices vary in the different countries where the web scanners are – it means that those flight scanners have different discounts for each country. You can see the difference on below pictures:
  • momo ua momo de momo pl momo ro
  • In this case the prices will be lower when using the German version of Momondo, and higher when using Ukrainian or Romanian one. So it is worth to go through all the country/language versions, when you want to be really sure that you have found the cheapest option. Just remember that after the fee for the CC payment the price may be the same or even higher. On the other hand most of the scanners approve one credit card type or another way of payment (bank transfer) at which is for free.
  • And the last tip, but not at least important – something that you are aware of, but you shouldn’t forget about. The flight ticket prices vary every day. It can happen, that one day after you have bought your ticket the price will drop. This happened to me yesterday. I have bought a flight ticket to Dubai for New Year’s Eve on Wednesday for 141 Euro and yesterday the price dropped to 105 Euro. You can’t imagine how “thrilled” I was about this. But you can never predict those things and it is possible that the price would be those 40 Euro higher as well. That’s why you need to learn to accept things you don’t have influence on.

I hope those tips will help you next time you’ll be buying a flight ticket online!
In case of any questions feel free to comment or contact me directly 🙂

6 thoughts on “Everything you want to know when booking flight tickets online”

  1. cheers, i had noticed the country/language thing. I found a cheap flight through momondo recently, but when i went to pay, with a non-european credit card, it rejected it.. Only for euorpeans ,)


    1. Hey, this is interesting! I have found Amex on few scanners though (at least I think so, there was too many of them at once). Which scanners do you use for non European flights?


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