Health and Safety – Vaccines

There are so many things I want to write about the preparations that It becomes hard to put them in the right order. About health in travels there is so much to say as well, so today I will focus on the basics of the basics – vaccines. There are people against it as well as there are people for it. But leaving behind all the “NOs”, when going into the trip to exotic/tropic countries, at the end of the day the vaccine can save your life. I personally know some people who traveled without vaccines, who are perfectly fine and say that it is not that necessary. Well. It might be their case, but doesn’t have to be mine. Or yours. So I would advise you to think about it twice before you go. So don’t be afraid of needles, cause you won’t even notice when it’s out. I know it, been there. And I’m still alive. Continue reading Health and Safety – Vaccines