Hey – Hi – Hello Life. My first impression about Nepal

Many people asked me already and probably will ask the same question in the future as well: Why did you start your trip around the world in Nepal? There are so many places on the way here you have missed. Well, it is true. I think I’ve decided myself for Nepal because of the Himalaya. It is funny though, because I never liked mountains so much – I’m more a seaside person. But still, this country has some kind of magnet. Maybe it was the mountains that brought me here. They are the highest ones in the world after all. That was probably enough for me to come here.

What turned out after my arrival, Nepal it´s not only mountains. It´s also people. I have read and heard a lot about Asian hospitality, but I am not completely sure whether I believed it or not. Looking at my reaction, probably not. And Nepalese people are very friendly, I am not sure about it between themselves, but regarding the foreigners, for sure. They will help you find your way, even if they don´t know it, at least they think they do, they will help you (sometimes) in the bus by finding you a seat, sometimes they will invite you for a dinner and always and every time you can count at least for a cup of tea. As Nepal doesn´t have much resources, its main income is from tourism, so the tourists (apart from some people who try to drain as much money as possible) are treated in general very well.

Most of the people don´t have any job, therefore they don´t have much money but they will still share with all they have, just because you are a guest in their house. I´ve been invited once to the dinner where the 6-people family was living in one room, in poor conditions and still they have treated me like a king. I even felt a bit uncomfortable because of that. I wish the European hospitality was at least a bit as big as Nepalese. During my trekking in the mountains and in remote areas in Nepal I´ve seen more poverty (although you don´t have to go out of Kathmandu to see it) than in my whole life, yet the people always seemed to be happy. I even got an impression that the poorer you are, the happier you get, as long as you have something to put into your mouth. And the most people are pretty self sufficient here, well they have to be. They grow their own food, have lifestock near their houses, it doesn´t look at first sight that they need money for living. Maybe they do, maybe they don´t. Money is not happiness they say, but it´s better to have it than not.


When you walk the street all the children will surround you, not always asking for the sweets, but just to say “Hello”, “Hi”, “How are you”, “What is your name”, “Where are you from” and so. They are really talkative if you let them. So go out if you like to talk. You´d be “Hello´d” at every corner! Every time you go out, all this kindness fills you up from your feet. It´s a good feeling to be in Nepal.

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