Everything stays in the family

If you’re from the West, you probably know this scheme – you finish your school, move out from your home, go to studies or to work and start living on your own. It’s pretty natural and if you’re in your 30’s and still live at home with your mom and dad you are probably seen by the others as a “loser” or someone similar. I was aware that obviously it doesn’t look everywhere the same, but wasn’t thinking about it so much until I got to Nepal.

The family life looks here completely different. Maybe it’s because of the culture, maybe because of the lack of jobs in here. Mostly only one person in the whole family has a decent job (or any) and she/he supports everyone. And everyone lives together. I mean together by “same house” and everyone by “whole family (grandmas, parents, kids)”. Even if there are more family members who have job, they’re still living together. It is kinda unsocial to move out from your family house. If you do that, when you’re single, you’ll be seen by the society at least as a weirdo. But even when you marry your wife, she will move in with you and your family and you still stay with your folks, although it is sometimes accepted to live together when you’re married, but still not everywhere. Everything stays in the family and everyone hangs in together.


At some point I started to wonder whether it is good or wrong to live your entire life with your family. There for sure are advantages of living together, you feel the bond between you and other family members and you can always count on their support, because either you like it or not, your life becomes theirs and theirs becomes yours. I love my family more than everything and I support them when they need it, but personally I think I couldn’t live with them under the same roof. I just like my own space too much, and I don’t like to depend on others. And I don’t think it something wrong. Or is it? What do you think? What is better in your opinion? To stay as long as it gets with your parents or to move out after your school?


BTW: Together with my camera I lost most of the pictures from Nepal, therefore I uploaded pics from my second temporary family at the monastic school. Hope you don´t mind it 🙂


One thought on “Everything stays in the family”

  1. You pointed out correctly, staying with or away from family is largely based on the culture. But, with growing times and self awareness people prefer to be far from family, yet near. I belong to such breed you may say. There is a total different joy in living independently, managing your expenses, lifestyle, the good and not so good company, your day in day out issues, food, travel. Job etc. You grow each day as a person which you might have taken for granted while living with family and being dependent on them.

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