Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who? Who?

There´s one thing which you will notice on every corner. Sometimes not even on the corner, but on every step. What´s this? Street dogs.

There are so many of them you won´t be able to count. And I´m not talking only about Kathmandu but the whole Nepal, I´ve seen them also in Pokhara and even in mountains during my trekking to ABC, although one couldn´t call them “street” dogs, as there are no streets, but those are still dogs hanging around outside without an owner. Kathmandu is yet the capitol not only of Nepal but also of street dogs. They´re everywhere. At the temples, on the streets, on the stairs, wherever you look you see them. My doctor in Czech Republic advised me to get vaccinated against rabies exactly because of the amount of the dogs in Nepal.

Not all of them have rabies though, there are many organisations which take care of them, you can find them also on Facebook (just write “street dogs nepal” into the search field). They vaccinate the dogs so they are harmless. But mostly they are harmless. They won´t approach you unless you have any food with you, and anyways if you don´t want them to come to you, they will go away. They are (most of them) also very friendly, they need love and you can see it in their eyes, not alike the dogs which have owners, always barking at you. I´m not sure at this moment whether they are spoiled or just defending the property. But even when the street dogs are friendly, I wouldn´t risk it to hug them or so, if you want to, go to the shelter, you will probably find many other dogs looking for your attention and your time.

I just wish that the government would do something, because the amount of the street dogs is horrible high.

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