Welcome to the land of lines – About Shivaratri Festival in Nepal

One of the reasons why I wanted to visit Nepal this time of a year was a Tibetan New Year (Losar) and Shivaratri. And none of those two days I spent as planned.

This week was full of events. On Monday we have celebrated the first anniversary of our Bo Gangkar Manjushree School and birthday of our Lama Dhundup, on Tuesday there was Shivaratri Festival and on Thursday Tibetan New Year. About the Birthday celebrations I will write in another post, today I´d like to focus on Shivaratri – first reason why I wanted to come to Nepal in the beginning of the year.

Shivaratri, when you translate it directly means “The night of the Shiva” and on this day Hindu people celebrate the day when the Lord Shiva has married to the goddess Parvati. They go to the temples, and most popular is Pashupinath in Kathmandu. It is also the only day in the year when smoking weed is legal in Nepal (although not for tourists). So I took Melanie and Alex, who were also interested how the Hindu people celebrate the day and we went by bus to Pashupinath (I was writing about the buses in the last post). The amount of people was incredible, there were thousands of thousands of people. And I hate the crowd, but on this day I´ve decided that I can do this, I can survive, because I want to see everything. We got there and stood in line to the temple for half an hour, and in line you have to be careful because there are many people who want to go before you. At the gate the guard didn´t let us in, because we didn´t have the tickets, and the ticket counter was on the other side of the place with another half an hour line to it. But in order to get there you had to go through the crowd and it wasn´t easy because of everyone pushing you in all possible directions. On the way to the ticket counter I´ve seen another line to another place of Pashupinath complex and it was just enough. I didn´t want to go there anymore, because how could I be sure I would get inside anyways? Maybe there was another ticket counter to another entrance, place, etc? No information about anything. I thought maybe I´d go to the food court? What I have seen there, was mostly LINES, dirt and mountains of garbage again. So sad. Welcome to Nepal. I had more pictures, but unfortunately they were in the stolen camera… sigh sigh sigh. Always do the backup.

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