Losar – Tibetan New Year – Happy New Year of the Wooden Sheep

Losar, right after the Shivaratri was the day which didn´t go as planned. Why? Because people don´t celebrate it the way I thought they would, but at the end of the day it was still interesting 🙂

If you expect fireworks and any New Year´s Eve Parties, you´re wrong. So how have we spent Tibetan New Year? We visited one of our befriended Monastery in Boudha, the Pullahari Monastery and Retreat Centre to pray, make offerings, meet the guru and walk around and afterwards we went to Boudhanath, also for prayers for the better New Year.

Boudhanath is one of the largest Buddhist stupas in the world (a stupa is a place of meditation, containing Buddhist relics, ashes of monks and such). There are few stories about the foundation of the Boudhanath, but what I´ve heard is very similar to the Wikipedia version, and it´s described there a bit more precisely as the version I know, so if you´re interested, hit this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boudhanath

Around the place you can find many monks as it is the place where the most Tibetan refugees live in Kathmandu. However during the day the Boudhanath is visited by thousands of tourists – together with the Swayambhunath it´s the most popular stupa in Kathmandu, so if you want to feel the atmosphere at this place, go there early morning or late evening. Remember however, that according to the Buddhism, you always should go around the place clockwise. It is important.

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