Stop and stare – My first impression about Singapore

While I was planning my trip I´ve seen so many rankings about top places to live in and Singapore was always in top 10 if not top 5 that I´ve actually considered to stay there for a while, find myself a job, earn money for further travelling and fly around the South East Asia for some time, preferably a year or two. And as I got there it was exactly as I´ve expected it to be. Astonishing.

I could easily say that Singapore is an Asian version of Dubai. Skyscrapers, busy crowd, expensive boutiques and shops and else reminded me so much of my first country I´ve visited, yet there was something different about it. It is all beautiful and such, but at the end of the day it is just a city and wherever you go for holiday, you have to go abroad, because you just don´t go for holiday to the city you live in. And as the country is a city itself, you don´t have any other choice but to go abroad. It´s not that huge problem at it seems for me, but I guess I´d miss the countryside and stuff like that. There are suburbs but it´s not the same as empty fields with just grass on them, where you can just stop and stare into the horizon.

All the people I met say that Singapore is very expensive. And it is, but only when you have to convert your currency to Singapore Dollars. If you´d cut it off and just left the numbers, it would be probably even cheaper than at home. And if you live there it´s not all that expensive as it seems. I can buy soda for 1 PLN in Poland or 1€ in Germany same as I can buy it in Singapore for 1$. Same with groceries, although some of them would be probably cheaper. But as we don´t live there, it is still more than we´d pay at home. Same for hotels. I was incredibly lucky to find a host there for a whole week so I could just explore the city and if you´d have a chance, you should do it as well!

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