10 things to do in Singapore

Although Singapore is mostly expensive there are many places to go to if you´re travelling on budget – just like me! I´ve been there for a week and spent only 100$. It is possible to go to Singapore on budget. And no, I didn´t stay at home all the time.

Here are the places I´ve been to:

Botanical gardens – if you´re looking for a shade on a hot sunny day, keep looking because you won´t find much of it in here, but it is still worth visiting. I guess I have this “garden thing”. Wherever I am I always have to visit a botanical garden and a church, in the past it was museum, so I wonder what it will be in the future. Anyways, it is very interesting, has many subgardens (?), extremely gorgeous and you will regret it if you don´t go there.

Gardens by the bay and cloud forest – again gardens, but slightly different than the above ones. Mostly because they are artificial. I mean, the plants are real, but the supertrees are not trees, but constructions made of different plants put together. Still nice though. There is a sky bridge from one end to another, but you have to pay for the entry, same as for entering the cloud forest. Don´t know whether it is worth going inside, but the pictures look just amazing. Same as walking around for free!

Supertree Light Show – If you visit the Gardens by the Bay in the evening you´re lucky because you don´t have to go there through the whole city for the show, if you´re not there, you should definitely be bothered to visit it. Light Show is something totally different than the fountain shows I´ve visited, probably because it´s not a fountain, but the whole Superforest Light Show! Doesn´t matter whether you are into this or not, you have to go there and experience the light show combined with music! It´s like NYE, but everyday 🙂

Little India – If you have travelled to other Asian cities where there is a big Indian community it´s worth visiting and comparing with other “Little India´s”. Honestly it´s nothing there and not so impressive as the others, but worth to see just to compare and go for Indian food if you miss it. And I miss it every day since I left India.

Chinatown – A bit more impressive than Little India. It´s nice during the daytime, but much nicer in the evening when the lanterns are turned on, which gives the place a real Chinese accent. And you can find here nice food and one of the best pubs in the city.

Orchard – Singapore´s business card. It´s the place where all the fancy and expensive hotels and boutiques and malls are. You don´t have to buy anything, it´s enough just to roam around in the place, sometimes you can find here some nice things, like transformers statues and such.

Universal Studios – Sentosa Island. Apparently one of the best adventure parks in the hood, at least it´s what everyone says. Entry to the park is about 60$, can be cheaper if you book it online. But Universal is not the only place on Sentosa, although it´s the most popular one. If you don´t wanna spend money, but just walk around, go to the beach you are free to do that, even for free. You can either take the shuttle train for 4$ or walk on the boardwalk for free (until December 2015). Since it´s about 200m I guess it won´t be a problem to do it and once you´re on the island, you can travel by train and come back to the mainland for free (there are 3 stops in there).

Singapore Arts Museum – If you´re a Museum person (as me in the past) but don´t wanna spend money on the tickets there is one you might be interested in and it´s not boring at all! You can visit the Museum of Modern Art for free every Friday evening just before you go to the party or maybe instead (?)

Lontong – I guess that was the only really local food I´ve had in Singapore. Meant for the breakfast typical for Asia mix of rice, veggies and coconut. A bit spicy but extremely yummy! A must eat while you´re there. You can find it in the Arabic street.

Bugis Market and fluffy souvenirs – If you´re looking for a place to buy souvenirs and other stuff, this is the place for you! You can buy here everything you need for a reasonable price – cosmetics, clothes and other stuff, I just didn´t see electronics in there, but I don´t think it is something you buy on your holiday anyways. What is worth going to though is a small boutique with fluffy stuff on the top floor. You can buy here costumes or just caps, all fluffy and cool. I´ve bought myself something as well. I don´t think I´d go in it to the public, but it´s my “I´m bored cap”

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