Simply Beautiful – Penang

Last place I have visited in Malaysia was Penang and I flew there from Langkawi, with AirAsia, again for 5€. My host didn´t have a car, but I could explore more just because there us public transportation on the island, not Langkawi alike, where you have to own a car or rent a bike. There are also many more places to go and today I will tell you all about them. I just regret I didn´t stay there few days longer… sigh, sigh, sigh.

Penang, like the whole country is all about food (same as me), so we already had lot in common. There are many food festivals and destinations in the capital of Penang – Georgetown. But it is not the only reason why you should visit the city. It is very popular among tourists and no wonder. It is simply beautiful. Apart from the all heritage buildings and old mosques you can just get lost in the narrow streets where you will find many murals and other street arts showing the history of the city.

A bit remote from the other landmarks in the island is the Snake Temple, but still worth visiting. The temple has a history bound to snakes, but I didn´t expect that they will be actually still living there. Well, I was wrong and totally happy about it. But don´t be afraid, the snakes have their nesting area and when they are outside of it, they are usually in cages, unless someone is taking pictures with them.

In another part of the Island you can find the Kek Lok Si Temple, the biggest Buddhist temple in South East Asia. It a temple complex located on the hills, which is visible already from few km at the good weather and it´s really huge, I haven´t seen any bigger ever yet. And it´s so beautiful! Everything is so beautiful on Penang! I could even live there I guess if I just had a decent job…

Anyways, if the city or the people is not what you are looking for, I would highly recommend you to go to the National Park, where you can go for all day hike and visit also a Turtle Beach with the Turtle Sanctuary. It is very tiny place, but really worth visiting. And I have to warn you as well that it is prohibited to swim at the beach, due to turtle reasons. After that if you´re good with time, you can go to see the Sunset at the Batu Ferringhi beach. In the evening it is not so crowded anymore and the sunset is really spectacular!

If you don´t really like hiking but still wanna get away from the city and could be bothered, you could go and see the fireflies. It is in the mainland, an hour drive from Georgetown, not really expensive, an altogether 40 minutes cruise on the river. It´s not like in avatar, either it wasn´t season for fireflies or their population is not so significant. But I still liked it. My first fireflies cruise. Niceee!

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