Ice Ice Baby – Malaysian Edition of Breaking Bad

Today´s post will be different than other ones. There won´t be anything or anyone to show, no nice pictures, no nice views. Because the topic is different. Today I´m gonna write about Malaysia´s black fat spot, which are drugs and the most popular of them – meth.

You can´t see it on the streets of course, because it´s illegal. You won´t hear it from the people either, because you just might be another undercover cop. I wouldn´t get to know about it at all if I haven’t opened one of the popular dating apps (I´ve spent over 3 weeks in KL in the end). And here it was: almost half of the users were occasionally “chilling”. It took me very short time to get to know what they were chilling with, as I was a noob in the topic, but could be as well undercover asking all those questions – “how are you chilling”, “what is ice” and similar. “Fortunately” there were enough users online to answer all my questions. I also met some of them to ask them questions about it.

All the people I met were chilling occasionally, once per month or every two weeks. At the beginning all of them were doing it every week or even more often, but the prices and fear of addiction made them realise it´s “safer” to chill only from time to time. 1g (or mg, can´t remember) of meth costs approximately 150-200 Malaysian ringgits (depending on the dealer and the stuff) so everyone can afford it from time to time, especially when you share the costs with other people you chill with.

There are few reasons, that repeat themselves among all the people are doing it. 3 to be exact:

The most common answer was getting “the high” while having sex. Meth “makes you wanna loose it all and fuck as long as it lasts”. And it lasts for few long hours. While on high they´re hyperactive and most probably they´ll stay up for the night. Second reason was to get more creative at work, to finish some projects and stuff like that. The last reason was just to chill socially with friends and spend nice time together. What is “interesting”, people stated that your intention before taking the drug determines its effect.

I think you can easily guess what happens on the next day. The physical and mental low, feeling super tired like flu symptoms. And here again as this doesn´t happen since yesterday, people have invented three most common solutions I´ve heard about. To help the body to survive easier the day after people either smoke the ice again, but in smaller amount to avoid the fall from high to low, or drink two litres of milk to cleanse the body, or… masturbate 2-3 times (which should somehow help as well).

The reason why the chill with ice and not with something else is its availability and popularity. Cocaine and other drugs are easily detected at the borders which makes them also more expensive. I didn´t have a chance to talk to any dealer though so I don´t know where they get their stuff from. I feel that this post is somehow incomplete because of this, but I can´t help it.

What is your opinion about it?

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