Born to be wild! Javanese Roadtrip!

During my two short days in Jakarta I´ve found on Couchsurfing a bunch of people going east, more or less my direction. As it was Eid Mubarak I could forget about finding a train because everyone was going home, I didn´t want to take the flight because I wanted to see the beauty of the Java. So I´ve decided to join them. Two Indonesian and two Polish people. And it was most probably my best time spent in Indonesia! I don´t think I have to write how happy I was to have someone to talk Polish to 🙂

After buying the groceries we hit the road and as we Poles like it we opened beer and started to get to know each other better 🙂 Of course we were all on the back seat. I want to mention though that we Poles are not alcoholics. We just like beer 🙂

After long long night and very bumpy morning track we reached our first destination, which was the Djeng Plateau. To be honest I haven´t heard about it before so I wouldn´t go there if not them. One more reason why I was lucky to join them! Because the whole plateau and the sulfur tricolor lake were truly amazing! After few hours of chilling at the lake we´ve decided to move on.

We wanted to reach Yogyakarta/Jogja, but because of the trafic, flat tire and Asad who got tired (no wonder) we stopped in Borobudur, 1 hour before Jogja as it was getting late and we needed to repair the tire. We were looking for a cheap accommodation for a longer while and in the end Asad found us a place where I wouldn´t think of. Opposite to the buddhist temple in the open space area 🙂 We took our sleeping bags  (I never thought I would use it again after Nepal and here it was!) and installed anti mosquito springs around us. Street sounds and cars put us to bed. How unique 🙂

In the morning we went to the Borobudur temple (well not me, the entry was just too expensive), and afterwards to Jogja, where we met another couchsurfer and together went sightseeing and for dinner later on. That night we were lucky to sleep in a house of Asad´s friend. A real bed after two nights! Amazing 🙂

Jogja turned out to be a very charming place during the day as well and of course we didn´t see everything which is the reason I will definetely go there one more time. I liked the street art, the people, the sights… really nice place to go! On that day we said goodbye to Dorota who had to go back to work in Jakarta on the following day. And then it started 😀 What happens to guys when girls are not around? They go bananas 😀 So we did all the crazy things you could think of apart from dying our hair and only because we couldn´t find any cheap hairdresser anymore. Crazy times!!

In the evening we´ve decided to hit the road again and it was quite a distance (this time even longer) so around 1 am we had to stop as Asad got sleepy and nobody protested as we all were tired after whole day of walking in the heat. In one of the villages he asked police officer where could we sleep over and we found a place at the… mosque! We couldn´t sleep inside as it´s a sacred place, but we could lay down on its stairs. Yes, we slept on the stairs to the mosque 😀 It was even more magical by the fact that there was a bat flying above us. Initially we wanted to sleep on the beach not so far away from us, but how often do you sleep at the mosque? Haha, NEVER! In the morning we slowly got to Malang, where I met my host and I finally split with my guys…

Best trip ever. That´s why you should be spontaneous!

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