Chasing the Sun on Java

After the road trip it was time to finally sleep over all the journey and nights spent in wild. Altogether I spent a week in Malang and during that time I was sightseeing the neighbourhood less intensive trying to keep it cool. I´ve been to my first couchsurfing meeting, met nice people with whom I went hundreds km south to chill on the beach few days later.

The trip took us about two hours one way (by bikes). We went all the day down to Batu Bengkung, a wonderful place with great views and later on to (another) tricolor lake, which was even more beautiful. It was a hot day, but with the refreshing breeze on your face you don´t really mind anything apart from the crowd as it´s a pretty popular place. That´s why we didn´t spend there a long time and moved to the lake.

Actually it wasn´t really a lake, rather a tricolor bay. Apart from jumping at the beach, from the cliff, catching the sun on the beach you can also snorkel there. And I did it! For the first time in my life! Amazing how close fishes swim from the shore! But the mask was slighty to small and water got into my nose so I didn´t do it for too long. But it´s only 15k rupias! It´s like for free! We also wanted to see the sunset which I´ve heard it was super duper nice… but we were on the wrong beach.


So we´ve decided with my host Steve to go for the sunrise over the Bromo volcano.The idea was wonderful and so yet the only problem was that we overslept -_- We woke up at 11 am, but it still didn´t hold us down from going there. In the end if I want something, I go for it!

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