Top End – My first experiences in Australia

There are so many things about Darwin that I actually don´t know where to begin! Literally. I´m sitting in front of the computer for an hour and still no beginning pops up in my mind. People? Places? Activities? Desirably everything, but ughhh…

Let´s begin from the start, shall we? My first week I spent (living) in a shipping container and I can easily add it to my list of odd places I slept in. I found a couch or in this case a container in Humpty Doo and yes, I really slept in a container. But don´t get fooled, you would want to sleep there yourself! With big flat screen, queen size bed and air conditioning! I needed it though. This break after the whole month of travelling around Indonesia. I could relax, enjoy the silence and keep up with my old blog posts.

Home sweet home

On the weekend we went also to Litchfield for sights and bush as it was closer and cheaper than Kakadu Park. If you want to go off the road in Australia you need to have a 4wheeler (and we had it). We´ve counted 1 buffalo, 11,5 kangaroos and millions of termites. In Litchfield you can find magnetic termites and they are called like that because the way they build their mounds according to the magnetic fields of earth (so I´ve been told). They rarely stand alone, rather in “groups” which makes them look like a spooky graveyard, especially at the sunset. The waterfalls look magnificent though! Especially Florence Falls, which you really need to visit!

I´ve been thinking about going to the bush alone in Humpty Doo and explore a bit the area I was staying in, but as soon as I got out of the house I´ve noticed a black (or dark brown) snake crawling in the bush and on the day after while having dinner another one crossed our terrace so I just gave up the idea (although my host was thrilled by the snake which he named Jake the Snake later on).

On the following day we went to the local pub for a dinner though as Greg wanted to show me a typical aussie pub with all motorheads inside. First thing you could notice were their long, thick beards but it is not something you look at when you enter the pub. You just don´t do it, even if they´re everywhere. We sat down and ordered burgers and… it turned out to be a naked Thursday or something this way as two girls entered let´s call it a beer garden and started to do a full striptease. It´s hard to focus on your food with such an action in front of your plate. But this was not the end. Once we went to the bar to order a beer, guess who was taking the order. A topless barmaid of course. We all know the “My eyes are higher” saying, but this was literally one of the most awkward moments of my first days in Australia. Try to look the girl in the eyes and answer what do you want when she´s pointing at you with her tits big as… nevermind.

The one and only appropiate pic I took this evening

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