Darwin Drive Thru

Darwin is a transitional place and everybody knows it. All the tourists come from Bali, stay few days and move on to the country. Furthermore, nobody who lives in Darwin is really local. I literally met nobody who was born in Darwin, everyone got here from other states. It is somehow special about it.

Because all the locals are somehow gone it doesn´t mean there´s nothing to do there though. If you have money (and want to spend it) you can do heaps of stuff. If not, too but different. So what is there to do in and around Darwin? Well, you could go to Kakadu National Park for Crocodile jumping or you could swim with crocs for a certain price in Darwin. If watching them is just enough for you, you can go to the Darwin River Dam and if you´re lucky (like me) you´ll see them warming up in the sun.

If you´re already at the Dam it would be a mistake not to go to Litchfield National Park about which I wrote last time and Berry Springs which are just in the hood, where you can swim in the hot pools. What´s so different about them? Look at the pics below and around you as crocs might visit you in there as well. Usually they don´t. But they still might.

From Berry Springs it´s just matter of maybe 50km to Batchelor where you could visit Nina´s Arc Sanctuary for rescued Kangaroos. There are many of them in Australia, I know this one because I´ve been volunteering there for some time. Doesn´t matter where, it is a place you should visit because roos are really lovely animals and they´re Aussie Mark together with Koalas. So a sanctuary might be a better and much safer place than an encounter with them in the wild.

But back to Darwin… It looks for me like a typical modern German city (if you take the ocean and Aboriginal people). Everything looks so clean and in order 🙂 If you plan your sightseeing properly you can see everything on one day. You should go to CBD (Central Business District) and visit the Mall with the Star village, CCC – The Christ Church Cathedral, Darwin waterfront as the only beach where you don´t have to fear the crocs and beautiful botanical garden. In your spare time you could also go to Buddhist temple, city park and rocky beach not to swim but just to feel the breeze on your skin.

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