Hahndorf. Willkommen!

Australia is a country where many nations migrated in the past. One of them were Germans! Ja! Well back (19 century) their region was part of Prussia, today it´s Poland. The city was named after the captain of the ship Zebra – Dirk Meinhertz Hahn and until today it is the oldest surviving (still existing) German settlement in Australia. And it´s pretty schön!

There´s nothing really particular to see in the town, it´s rather the town itself you go to see. You can walk around it and see the old style German houses at the main street which give the village its charm. It´s a very pleasant day off trip and it´s only 70 km from Adelaide!

I usually included in the past places like this in the post “what to do in the city or around it” so why do I dedicate the whole post about Hahndorf? Because I like Germany and I liked Hahndorf as well. It made me feel like I was in Europe again. Yes, yes I´m sentimental and I don´t see anything wrong in it. Life is to be sentimental, isn’t it? So if you´re interested in the history and in Germany and you´re in Australia but it´s too expensive/far/whatever else, go to Hahndorf! Have a beer or three in the local pub and typical German dinner and enjoy your day!

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