Melbourne – Sex, Drugs and Rock´n´Roll

Melbourne is a place where I´ve spent the most time in Australia – a month! First it was two weeks, then I moved to Sydney and then… another two weeks! Why? Because I liked it. I liked the place, the people and I still like it. At the end of the day it´s the best city to live in the whole world according to most rankings. And no wonder!

Melbourne is a true metropolis where you can find everything you need. EVERYTHING. After two first weeks I went to Sydney and I loved it but after a week I´ve had enough. And you can never have enough of Melbourne.

Yes, I can say that it´s Aussie drugs capital, similar to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Meth is very common here as well, coke a bit less but it´s still there. I guess apart from the police nobody considers weed as a drug anymore. Almost everyone does it, yet you don´t really see junkies at every corner. Why people do drugs here? The main reason would be: PARTY.

Party hard, regret nothing! There are plenty possibilities where to go as the city and the options are really diverse. From one club you go to another and it goes on and on. And yet the city doesn´t seem anyhow dangerous. You could go out at anytime and you´ll be safe and sound. Well, at least I was.

Melbourne offers also many daytime activities as well! 🙂 There are many places to hang out, especially in the centre. You can go to the Flinders Street with railway station and see the clocks at the entrance. In the past all the people would stand in front of the building and watch the guy (sorry for forgetting the name of the profession) changing the time of the departures.A graffiti street which is just next door keeps changing almost daily. Street artists come here and spray the walls the way they want so it´s never the same if you come here on the different days. I like it and I think it´s my favourite place in the city. Then there´s a Federation square in the hood with many events during day and at night, casino nt so far away from there where I won 30$(!) and with 5 minutes long fire show every evening at 9 pm. If you like other kinds of leisure, you can go to botanical gardens, city library or art gallery (all three for free).

St. Kilda is also a place I want to recommend. During the day you can hang out at the beach and go swimming or go to see the old Luna Park and at night go to see penguins after dark at the pier. But don´t go before midnight as many people go there before that because everyone wants t see them and they scare the penguins away which are very shy. If you want to see heaps of them, go around 3 am. One would say, why would I wake up at 3 am to see some penguins? I answer: Because it´s worth it!!!

It´s definitely the city to go and to live in. I would if I could.

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