Keep calm and “Feliz Navidad”

As you know I lost my stuff during the robbery before Christmas. Apart from the fact I’m thousands of kilometres away from my family during that time, on the top of that I got stye on my right eye. Merry Christmas? Not so much.

But my family and friends told me to keep calm and move on as yes it is a waste that I lost everything but it’s Christmas time and I should let the mood destroy “the most wonderful time in a year”. But easy to say, harder to get it done. The most probably positive thing about Christmas was my friend Aga – my first roommate ever who moved to Argentina and who I spent this time with (and her family) and my travel buddy Elena.

We went together to the main square where the church is to bless the doll of the baby Jesus (some people had few Jesuses with them) and after the mass the children from all the schools were dancing to the drums in front of the church. Funny thing was, every school had different drum orchestra and you couldn’t really hear the proper rhythm. Yet they were still dancing. It looked kinda funny!


My friends kept me going and fed with fantastic food and sometimes mood and without them I would be devastated on this Christmas. Slowly I’m trying to recover myself from what happened and gathering strength for the rest of the trip.This Christmas was not about presents but about the company and support and I think it should be like this every year (although I don’t wish anyone to be robbed), as we always forget what Christmas time is truly about. Family, friends and love.

Yet I bought myself a gift – ticket back to Europe! Coming to Germany on 15/03/2016!!

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