Wai-O-Tapu. Lookin’ for some Hot Stuff

After few days in Napier it was finally the time to move further. And it was a long drive! From Napier we went to Taupo for a coffee at the lake and because the weather wasn’t spectacular nice we didn’t stay there for long so we hit the road towards Hamilton where we have found a host on Couchsurfing. I’ve introduced Maria to couchsurfing and she loved it! I have to admit though that we were really lucky with the hosts 🙂

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Napier – Great Gatsby’s Into the Past

Welcome to the North! A long expected I guess! Well I spent one month in the South as I’ve heard there’s nothing really much to see in the north island, which is not true. North is just.. different. First of all there’s 3x more people and the island looks also 3x smaller. So yes it’s getting crowded at times, don’t expect anything else.

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Hanmer Springs – Pleasantville

Have you ever seen the movie Pleasantville? It’s one of my favourites. If you liked it, you’ll like Hanmer Springs as well. When you’re walking around the town you’ll get the same feeling as you were in Pleasantville. Why? No it’s no black and white. It’s all so… pleasant!

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Fox Glacier – Higher, higher of the ground!

At some point I had to say good bye to Christian and stay somewhere for longer. Althouh I didn’t have a lot of time in New Zealand to spend, I didn’t want to be constantly on the move. Seeing new things is fun, but not if you have to pack every two days. And I’ve been still thinking about Tekapo and how awesome it was. So I looked at the map, sent few emails to the hostels where I could stay at and I got a “Yes” from Fox Glacier!

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