Auckland – Why do all good things come to an end?

Finaly this day has arrived, athough I didn’t want it to come. Not so soon. 6 weeks went by like a blink of an eye. It happened way to fast. I wish I stayed. But it wasn’t the last good bye, right? I’ll be back one day… right? It doesn’t matter it’s the end of the world. I’ll be back. Will I?

So here it was, my last days in New Zealand. I knew it will happen, I was aware of it’s coming but I didn’t really wanted to acknowledge the fact that I have to leave it. The country, which I loved maybe not from the first sight, as I arrived at night and couldn’t see much. But a country, where I have experienced so much, so many wows, a country where I could easily move to and be happy for the next x years, maybe even until the rest of my life? It’s silly but I really believed that. Still, with my eyes looking down I entered the plane. But before that, I spent two last days in Auckland.

The only thing I wanted to do in Auckland was meeting y friend Michal, but because of reasons he had to go back to Poland for some time. I found a host to stay there but I didn’t explore much. I was in rather grim mood because of my leaving. I didn’t want to stay at home for the whole time though so I was mostly hanging around the CBD and on one day I went to the volcano, as Auckand is full of them. I couldn’t tell you all the things or places you have to see there exactly because there wasn’t enough time and I wasn’t in the mood. Jeremy saw that and wanted to cheer me up so he took me to the cinema for the last of the Hunger Games. And he took me to the Gold Class which was really impressing. I’ve never heard or seen anything like that before, it looked like first class in a plane (where I haven’t been either but you walk through it to economy). Big chairs, tables, waiters… really impressing. I didn’t even feel like at cinema, but rather some movie club. That was cool and made me stop thinking about leaving on the following day. But hey, all good things come eventually to an end. Eventually. Because I’m not sure whether it was my end with New Zealand. I’ll be back. I think I will. I really hope for it.

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