Turn Back Time…

Leaving New Zealand was not easy not only because I loved it so much but because the good bye day itself was almost twice as long as usually. Why? Because I took the long haul flight to Argentina.

I spent over a month looking for a cheap flight out of New Zealand towards East. And I can assure you, there is no such thing as cheap flight from New Zealand anywhere but Oceania or Australia. Well there’s USA, but if you need a visa it’s gonna cost you much more and looking at my account balance I couldn’t risk it, especially when I wouldn’t know if my application would be approved. So here it was, either Canada or Argentina. My friends kept telling me not to go to Canada in winter as it is cold (duh) but to go to South America, which is obviously cheaper as it is still a developing third world and besides there’ll be definitely many adventures awaiting me there.


So I have chosen Argentina. The flight itself was 10,5h but when you add few time zones it was around 13 hours. The thing was, because I was flying against the earth’s rotation I was kinda going back in time (not much though). So with flying out at 7 pm on the 8th December we touch the ground… around 2:30 pm on the same day! How weird was that! Obviously I didn’t actually go back in time as in Argentina the things didn’t happen yet, but I had a chance to live the 8th December one more time. And it was a day full of hassles!


Because I didn’t want to get hit by jet lag I have decided not to sleep so I’d be tired enough to fall asleep immediately after I get to the host and then restart myself with a new time zone. So I watched 4 movies to kill the time – Fantastic 4, Holding the Man, Maze Runner 2 and The Antman (which was the best in my opinion). Nevertheless after 3rd movie I thought I might get a nap or something but I just couldn’t fall asleep anymore. I was tired, closed my eyes, lower my seat and waited. And waited, and waited and nothing so I watched the last movie. How annoying. Anyway, we finally arrived to Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport and after very quick customs and x-ray (apparently everyone was tired as it was my fastest immigration ever) I went to the arrivals to look for an ATM what I always do in every country. I simply don’t like exchanges which requires from you having the money all the time with you. So I checked the first, second, third, fourth ATM in the back, fifth in a bank at the airport, sixth in another terminal and… nothing. None of them was functioning.


There are few ways how to get out of Ezeiza Airport. Either you’d be picked up by someone, or you take the private bus which ticket costs from 180 pesos, regarding of the destination or you take the collectivo – public bus for 4,5 pesos. As an experienced backpacker I opted of course for the cheapest way. You would think there wouldn’t be any problem as it is an international airport. And I was thinking exactly the same. Nothing more wrong. (Apart from McDonalds’ I guess) you cannot pay with your credit card anywhere at the airport, at least not at any of the newspapers or selling tickets. So I was there in a country I didn’t know the language, without a possibility to do anything. Pretty hopeless, huh?

After two hours I found out I could pay with US dollars and would get pesos in return, which was working pretty well for me. Why was I so into it? Because in order to travel by collectivo you can’t pay with cash to the driver, but you need to have a SUBE card. And although I’ve been told at the information at the airport that they don’t have any more cards I have found a newsagents who had them. And in the end I have succeeded to buy it, top it up and even get into the bus and to my host’s place! Yet after 4-5 hours of hassle and trying not to fall asleep. And the jet lag hit me on the next day anyway.

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