Buenos Dias, Buenos Aires!

My first impression of BeAs? Smelly, dirty, lazy. Right after the national holidays the metro was on strike so I couldn´t get into the city. And the suburb I stayed at reminded me of dodgy neighborhoods in India. But on the next day it was all better!

Not only better, it was amazing 😀 On the following day I met with Pablo, husband of my 1st roommate ever from Poland who moved to Argentina. We went together to see the el nueve Presidente! It was great! The atmosphere at the Parliament house and all the way to Casa Rosada was incredible. Long time I haven´t seen such a big and euphoric crowd 😀 “Si, puede ser!” – they screamed. !Amazing¡

And I have had a first glimpse over Buenos Aires. It was very European. To the point I started to like it and after few days I was ready to move there! Great weather, great people and so many places to go! I have spent a week in Buenos Aires, thanks to my host Sebastian. I could write a lot about my impressions (and I will!) but writing all about it in one post would be a long essay and I want to avoid it 🙂 Instead I’m gonna give you few tips what to do and where to go! ¿Deal?

Caminito, La Boca – definitely my place number one in Buenos Aires. Although very touristic, I like the colours of Caminito. And the Graffittis!

Palermo – A district of beautiful gardens and parties. A lovely rose day off for you and your beloved ones (uh how romantic).

Avenida de 9 Julio and Downtown – I love the architecture of Buenos Aires. Maybe because it is kinda similar to European. ¿Maybe because it is just beautiful?

Casa Rosada– Argentinian version of the White House in USA. And it´s in PINK!

Puerto Madero – district with latest architectural trends and waterfront is a perfect place to go for a walk 🙂

Floralis Generica – located at Plaza de las Naciones Unidas,a moving sculpture by Eduardo Catalano, who said that the Flower “is a synthesis of all the flowers and is both a hope that is reborn every day to open.” That´s why it closes every evening and opens every morning for the whole day.

Tango Lessons – a must do! If not in Buenos Aires then another Argentinian city. Why? Because the spirit of Argentina is in the Tango. And lots of history! You can go to San Telmo but it is a place for tourists. I liked a lot Tango Folklore where I´ve been to. It’s at the intersection of Sarmiento and Av.Medrano in Almagro.

San Telmo – the oldest district in Buenos Aires. You can find there colonial buildings, Tango dancers and  interesting cafes.

Mafalda – a girl who denied eating soup and questioned everything and everyone. It someone who everyone should meet. Not because of the soup of course. Her sculpture is located in San Telmo.


Reserva Ecologica – another day off for people who like nature and say that Buenos Aires is just another big city with nothing to offer (what is bull.. not true)



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