Rosario. Mamma Mia!

I spent in Buenos Aires one week. Then following my friends and other travellers I wanted to hitch around South America. And I have found myself a buddy – Elena, who I spent over 2 months travelling with! My destination was Jujuy for Christmas so the first on the way there was… Rosario!

It turned out to be a very gorgeus city, even more than Buenos Aires. The architecture was thrilling, so charming! Rosario is an Italian city or at least city with enormous amount of Italians or Argentinians with Italian ancestors. Majority of people has Italian surnames. And you can notice it in the accent as well, which is Italian 🙂 We spent in Rosario only two days, as I wanted to make it to Jujuy for Christmas and Elena to Mendoza. We have had a wonderful Advent time there as you could actually feel the Christmas spirit in the city with all the decorations lighten up in the evening and carols playing around. Buenos Aires was a total fail if it was about the Christmas preparations – there was nobody nothing. What a disappointment. Rosario made up for it though. After few weeks of advent I could finally feel the Christmas was coming. What a relief! You won´t see it on the pictures though as during the evenings we spent time with our host Alejandro and his friends.

And where to go in Rosario? Definitely waterfront! The rivers have the real power to give the life to the cities they are going through. Because where else would you rather spend your free time on a sunny day if not at the riverside? You can go to the city centre and walk across the streets, looking at the buildings, resting at the Plazas (squares). You could go and see the house where Che Guevara was born (although you cannot go inside), you could go to the University and meet the students and check out their classes. Sounds lame but it was really interesting. Oh, and don´t forget to go to the biggest Flague Monument in Argentina 🙂

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