Mi Chico Latino! About Argentinians in the public

After 3 months spent in South America and visiting 5 different countries I can say that among other weaknesses Argentinians tend to have one, very strong tendency for… walking around TOPLESS 😀

Argentinians like to work out, train, jogg, as we all know they like Football. We can say the like sport in general. BUT what they like more is to SHOW OFF. So when they jogg, work out, whenever it is outside, they do it topless.You could say that this is a lame or at least weird topic for a post but I am writing about it because I found it actually funny 🙂 And because it is so “them”. They like to show their muscles even if there´s not so much of them. Summer and a heat is just an easy excuse for their narcisism. And because walking around and taking pictures of topless man around the park seems like an odd thing to do (even if homosexuality is generally accepted in the society) you won´t find here many pictures of them. Even if it would bring me probably more traffic on the blog. OR maybe I should do it in the end.. more traffic is always appreciated 🙂


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