I need a dollar… and how NOT to make money in Argentina

And here come my sad story from Christmas, when I have been robbed in Salta and I never visited the place again. I moved straight away to Agnieszka in El Carmen, Jujuy. I needed to rest from the people, the stress and everything else. And I did.

We spent wonderful christmas time and then New Year´s Eve and although I got a stye on my right eye which was the top of the bad karma happening to me (my first stye ever) I still rested well, well apart from the time when I had to hold hot water bottle next to my eye for hours every day to make it smaller. And although I was still sad and low I could still sleep a lot and eat well, trying to entertain myself I was playing cards (loba) and table tennis and more cards on the computer, we went to the parties to meet their friends and generally have a good time. And then it hit me. I had to make money somehow, I was broke.


I bought a flight ticket home as a gift for myself and spent my last money on it. So I had to find a way to get more of it. I could have worked as security at the NYE Party. Yes ME. Believe me it sounds hilarious even for me. Anyway the opportunity blew off. Other option was to go to the tobacco factory and work there. No contract needed as you get paid in cash. The rates were low but if you worked fast you i got… could earn some money. The only problem was, I was not fast. So for 8 hours of work 5$. Afterwards I was resting for 14 hours as I finished at 4 am. Lovely, isn´t it…


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