NYE. Felicidades!

One year ago I have started my trip on New Year´s Eve. I took the 5,5h long flight from Czech Republic to Dubai. It was a very very very busy time, full of Hindus everywhere and hassle, but still magnificent freworks and this BIG feeling that I have started my BIG trip around the world! And my plan was to spend next NYE with my parents (as well as Christmas). Well. As we all know it didn´t really work out.

NYE in Dubai was magnificent, sparkling and grand… but lonely. This time I was not alone, I spent it with Agnieszka and her new family. And at that night it was also my family. Argentinians make new friends super fast! This time there were no oh-so-wow fireworks (although there were some). This time there was a rich set table, full of delicious food, wine and champagne and full of people. And it confirmed one of my old truths. It doesn´t matter where you are, it matters who you are with. And I was among friends. We´ve had great time dancing to old latino rythms, singing our favourite songs, eating asado (pork) and drinking wine. I wouldn’t exchange it against party in NYE on the Times Square (where I also wanted to go there and I will  one day for NYE) or anywhere else. Friends matter, family matters.


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