Buena Vista Maté Club

I’m sorry about the long break in posting, coming back home and pre-Easter hassle was the only thing in my mind in those few weeks. I haven’t forgotten about you though and I’ll keep posting about everything from home now!

If there is anything Argentinias are crazy about, it´s Maté. I´ve heard once that Argentinians won´t decline 3 things: maté, water and… blowjob 🙂 I can confirm two of those! If you want you can check all three of them 🙂

And it is true, they drink it alone and socially at any occasions – during picknicks, walks, meetings, driving, work, travels, etc. If you still can´t imagine every possible occasion, think of yourself in your every day life (or on holiday) and add maté to it. One of the most popular commercial ads from my childhood was ¨Nokia. Connecting People¨. It applies percectly to maté as well. You could say it was designed for sharing – it belongs to all people as a part of Argentinian heritage. And this heritage, this social potencial is what really drags me to it. You could say a lot about it in general. But words won´t reflect how it tastes. You can drink it with or without sugar, depending on your preferences, exactly like you drink coffee or tea. You can also add some leaves to add some flavour, like for example mint. Never compare it to the tea though as it’s something else and you’ll probably offend Argentinians by doing it! There’s a whole ritual of preparing mate and I will present it to you as soon as I’ll have conditions here to record it 🙂 For now pictures will have to be enough.



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