Don´t cry for me Argentina…

“…The truth is I never left you…” and I will never will. At least not on my mind. You’ll be always on my mind, and I will always think of you kind. Well, apart of the Salta incident which I will never forgive you for {dramatic music}.

It took me again a while to write another post from my journey. It’s partially because I was sick, spending my time in bed with 40 degrees high fever. And partially because I just didn’t want to write about it as I knew it would be the last post about Argentina which earned a special place in my heart over all this time. It’s hard to say goodbye.

Argentina is one of the biggest countries I have been to on my trip and one of the most diverse ones. People are very friendly, they welcome you warm in their country. If you like maté (not aussie mate), even warmer! They are crazy about it as well as about meat 🙂 If the meal doesn´t contain it,  it’s not regarded as a proper meal. And because they love it so much, they have invented many many many recipes with it. I personally find the empanadas (baked dumplings) the best. But there is also asado (pork) which is also great. If the weather is too hot (and it mostly is) you can go to the south to feel fresher winds in your hair. There are deserts, an ocean, salt lakes and jungles. Everyone can find something what they like. And in this good bye post I will present you my favourite places in Argentina that I have been to – there are plenty more to go though:

Buenos Aires – for feeling like home

Rosario – for the architecture and Italians

Cordoba – for its very tasty meat 🙂

Jujuy – for the jungles and my friends. Everybody has friends in Jujuy 🙂

Purmamarca – for the mountains of 7 colours

Missiones – for Iguazu Falls, one of the true natural wonders on Earth


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