It’s time – a post about posting news during travelling

As promised in the last post I’d like to write a little about the process of posting news on the blog itself when you’re on the way. Every blogger has his/her ways on how to keep his/her followers updated. How to do it when you’re out of reach? Well, you’ve gotta improvise.

We all know that the key to have happy – or any – followers is to keep them updated on a regular basis. This is what I’m lame at so please don’t take examples from me. You wouldn’t even need to listen to someone who doesn’t really keep his advices, but let’s talk about it just in general.

Before I’ve started my journey I imagined that a travel blogger would keep his “people” up to date like in an almost live-stream way. And in Nepal I met one blogger who was posting daily new pics on insta and face and sometimes it took some time before she’s found reception on her mobile – and you can imagine how the reception in Himalaya is. Not perfect. Yet she still did it and at first I thought it was annoying (the time to find it), but I’ve learned that she was just being professional.

When I’ve started my journey I didn’t have a smartphone so I’ve been writing my posts on my laptop, trying to post things somehow regular, but there was not always internet connection or time. Yes, time. One could think that not having a 9-5 job means you’ve got a lot of free time for yourself. Well, surprise surprise but it’s not like that. I would compare travelling to a full time job itself as well. Finding a couch online can sometimes take hours, catching a ride when hitchhiking – days, depending on your luck. And finally, when you’ll get to your destination you don’t want to spend the whole time in the front of the screen. In order to write anything anyway you need to go for some sightseeing, meet some people and time spent with locals is a time well spent, so you don’t wanna cut it off either.

So what do I (used to) do? I write down my thoughts and take pics of the things/places/people I’d like to write about and not to forget them. While travelling you’re like a sponge gathering all the various input from around you. Then, when I don’t have to worry about where I’ll sleep or eat or go, write the content and add the pics on the laptop. Later on when my laptop was gone I was either going to internet cafe or writing it on my mobile (I’ve got myself a smartphone later on). Blogging on the phone doesn’t work for me very well, I just work rather on the computer.

However there’s one more thing – once I finally have conditions for blogging, I write more posts at once and schedule them accordingly for the next days. I know it may not sound fair to some of you as it’s not posted live. But I’m still trying to keep the quality of the content and apart from that It’s a very useful function when I know upfront I’d be in the desert or somewhere over the rainbow without phone reception.

And now – it’s a totally different situation, as I’ll be writing my trip after a 1,5 year. I won’t make anything up, I will describe it rather from different point of view now. It’s not something you forget about 🙂 I hope you’re ok with that!

Let me know in the comment section below how are you dealing with that 🙂

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