Antofagasta – It’s alright, It’s ok

Welcome! Weekend is finally here. I thought I won’t make it – but here I am, still standing. My time in Antofagasta was very productive in blog posts. We have found with Elena a great host where I could just relax after exhausting last few days. I’ve never actually intended to go to Antofagasta, it wasn’t even on my way to Peru. Elena wanted to visit her friends who were participating in Chess championship and I needed a break at the seaside.

We spent in Antofagasta quite a few days. We’ve welcomed the fresh breeze with a smile as the temperatures in Antofa are much more easier to handle than in the desert. We slept in decent conditions. I caught up with my blog. We have been to places. Finally, we’ve made new friends.

I would lie if I said the city was heaven on earth or beautiful – it’s not a top tourist destination, but you can still enjoy it – or at least try to. There are museums to see, sea to get in, occasional seals to watch, there are concerts in cafes at the seaside, alternative theatres to see. If you’re tired of the city and you’ve got a car you can go north to Mejillones and enjoy more sea, seals and sun. If you’re tired and like stars you can go to Paranal Observatory (European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere). You actually don’t even have to be tired, it’s enough to be curious, but you know that already.

We’ve done all that – apart from Paranal, which we didn’t manage this time, but I was happy at least for ALMA. You can’t always have it all, unless you’re Freddie Mercury. I know how it will sound, but I’ll still write it. Walking along the seaside is very.. refreshing 🙂 Going to the theatre, where you are happy as the actors don’t actually talk, but it’s more like a performance is a relief when you can still enjoy it if you don’t know the language. Going for a chess championship was incredibly silent, and meeting new people was just fantastic all the way. In the end it was very nice city break 🙂

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