Antofagasta – It’s alright, It’s ok

Welcome! Weekend is finally here. I thought I won’t make it – but here I am, still standing. My time in Antofagasta was very productive in blog posts. We have found with Elena a great host where I could just relax after exhausting last few days. I’ve never actually intended to go to Antofagasta, it wasn’t even on my way to Peru. Elena wanted to visit her friends who were participating in Chess championship and I needed a break at the seaside.

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It’s time – a post about posting news during travelling

As promised in the last post I’d like to write a little about the process of posting news on the blog itself when you’re on the way. Every blogger has his/her ways on how to keep his/her followers updated. How to do it when you’re out of reach? Well, you’ve gotta improvise.

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Dark side of the moon – what happens when the journey is over

For longer I wanted to write something new in here. But there was never enough time to write, words to describe it or a simple will to do anything. Many travel bloggers describe their journeys, post wonderful pictures and share their memories, but not that many are willing to share what happens when their journeys are about to end and they come back to reality. This is what this post will be about.

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ALMA – We are all made of STARS

Let me present you a short documentary video about the most amazing thing that happened to me in Chile – visit at the astronomical observatory with the biggest radiotelescope in the world! I could have written about it but I thought I’d try to cut a video and after many long hours here it is. Sorry for the quality though, I don’t have proper equipment… It’s my virgin video!


Last night I dreamt of San Pedro (de Atacama)

I’ve been twice to San Pedro de Atacama. After my first visit I’ve decided it just wasn’t enough as the oasis and surroundings have so much to offer. It’s one of the most touristic regions in Chile and definitely one of the most expensive ones. And why is it so? It’s in the middle of the desert, there shouldn’t be anything in there, right? Wrong. There’s plenty.

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