Why do I volunteer and wwoof?

There are many reasons to answer the question “why”. First of all and don´t call me silly but I like it. Why do I like it? Because it makes me feel better. Not better than the others but it gives me the feeling that I´m doing something good for other people, that my work actually means something.

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It’s Bali baby!

Already in the stage of planning my trip I knew I’d go to Bali. To be in South East Asia and not to go to Bali is a crime, isn’t it?

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I walk the line – My one night trek to Volcano Ijen

Many people say that Indonesia is cheap and they are mostly right. Food is cheap (and tasty), transportation is reasonable if you don’t come during Ramadan, but the entry prices for the tourist attractions are killing.

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Chasing the Sun on Java

After the road trip it was time to finally sleep over all the journey and nights spent in wild. Altogether I spent a week in Malang and during that time I was sightseeing the neighbourhood less intensive trying to keep it cool. I´ve been to my first couchsurfing meeting, met nice people with whom I went hundreds km south to chill on the beach few days later.

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Born to be wild! Javanese Roadtrip!

During my two short days in Jakarta I´ve found on Couchsurfing a bunch of people going east, more or less my direction. As it was Eid Mubarak I could forget about finding a train because everyone was going home, I didn´t want to take the flight because I wanted to see the beauty of the Java. So I´ve decided to join them. Two Indonesian and two Polish people. And it was most probably my best time spent in Indonesia! I don´t think I have to write how happy I was to have someone to talk Polish to 🙂

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Muslim Xmas Time, no mistletoe no wine…

As you already know I traveled through Malaysia and Indonesia during Ramadan. It’s not so popular time to travel in the Muslim countries as during the days almost everything is closed due to the fasting time.

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