2015 in 5×5

So here it is, brand new year 2016! I’m traveling already for 12 months and slowly getting to the end! How would I summarise the last year? In points, as I don’t have Internet in here.

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The best things in life are free – 10 places to go which will make your Aussie trip AWESOME

When you’re traveling on a very low budget like me, every penny counts. And you n Australia there are many beautiful places to see and mostly they’re for free! You don’t believe me? Look at this!

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Sydney – Uptown Funk

As everything needs to move on so does my blog as well so here I’d like to present you the second last post about Australia. Although I spent there almost three months and Australia was one of the luckiest counties I’ve been to its slowly time to say good bye and start posting about New Zealand:)

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Melbourne – Sex, Drugs and Rock´n´Roll

Melbourne is a place where I´ve spent the most time in Australia – a month! First it was two weeks, then I moved to Sydney and then… another two weeks! Why? Because I liked it. I liked the place, the people and I still like it. At the end of the day it´s the best city to live in the whole world according to most rankings. And no wonder!

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Hahndorf. Willkommen!

Australia is a country where many nations migrated in the past. One of them were Germans! Ja! Well back (19 century) their region was part of Prussia, today it´s Poland. The city was named after the captain of the ship Zebra – Dirk Meinhertz Hahn and until today it is the oldest surviving (still existing) German settlement in Australia. And it´s pretty schön!

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