Chasing the Sun on Java

After the road trip it was time to finally sleep over all the journey and nights spent in wild. Altogether I spent a week in Malang and during that time I was sightseeing the neighbourhood less intensive trying to keep it cool. I´ve been to my first couchsurfing meeting, met nice people with whom I went hundreds km south to chill on the beach few days later.

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10 things to do in GOA

Although I spent in Goa altogether more than 3 weeks there will be only one post about it. The reason is because I really have to catch up with the other countries, so chop chop chop back to work! Goa is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in India and the second one which made me think about settling down there. There are 2 parts of it, North Goa with the capital in Panjim/Panaji and South Goa with the capital in Margao. And South Goa was really wonderful. This is a place worth spending your time.

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