2015 in 5×5

So here it is, brand new year 2016! I’m traveling already for 12 months and slowly getting to the end! How would I summarise the last year? In points, as I don’t have Internet in here.

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We are all made of stars – Bollywood

You can all laugh but before my arrival to India I was always convinced that Bollywood is actually a place you can visit, same as Hollywood in L.A. It appeared to be different after I arrived to Mumbai, the capital of Bollywood. There are many movie studios, and many guide tours but Bollywood as a “Movie city” doesn´t really exist.

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10 things to do in Mumbai

I want to be clear about this: Mumbai is way too big to sum it up in 10 points, there are many more points of interests there and as I haven´t see everything, I will focus on things I liked most.

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Delhi – The heart of Everything

India has a long, few centuries long history. It has been influenced by its enemies/conquerors like Muslims, Portuguese or English. From Muslims they took (or combined) the dressing styles, from Portugese the architecture (south west) and from English the left laned car traffic. Every conqueror left however also something else.

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