Sydney – Uptown Funk

As everything needs to move on so does my blog as well so here I’d like to present you the second last post about Australia. Although I spent there almost three months and Australia was one of the luckiest counties I’ve been to its slowly time to say good bye and start posting about New Zealand:)

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Melbourne – Sex, Drugs and Rock´n´Roll

Melbourne is a place where I´ve spent the most time in Australia – a month! First it was two weeks, then I moved to Sydney and then… another two weeks! Why? Because I liked it. I liked the place, the people and I still like it. At the end of the day it´s the best city to live in the whole world according to most rankings. And no wonder!

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10 things to do in Kuala Lumpur

The very first thing I´ve noticed in KL was: “OMG, the roads are so wide and plain”. The second: “Woow, look at how many malls are there in here”. I´ll explain. I arrived to Malaysia from India, Singapore was just a one week trip that I made from KL. You see, KL was sort of my base where I settled for few weeks with many breaks for trips outside of the capital city. About those trips I will write in the next posts, but today I would like to focus on KL itself. There are many places worth going to, and I´ve seen most of them, but not all. So, again, where to go?

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10 things to do in Singapore

Although Singapore is mostly expensive there are many places to go to if you´re travelling on budget – just like me! I´ve been there for a week and spent only 100$. It is possible to go to Singapore on budget. And no, I didn´t stay at home all the time.

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