Darwin Drive Thru

Darwin is a transitional place and everybody knows it. All the tourists come from Bali, stay few days and move on to the country. Furthermore, nobody who lives in Darwin is really local. I literally met nobody who was born in Darwin, everyone got here from other states. It is somehow special about it.

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Simply Beautiful – Penang

Last place I have visited in Malaysia was Penang and I flew there from Langkawi, with AirAsia, again for 5€. My host didn´t have a car, but I could explore more just because there us public transportation on the island, not Langkawi alike, where you have to own a car or rent a bike. There are also many more places to go and today I will tell you all about them. I just regret I didn´t stay there few days longer… sigh, sigh, sigh.

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Langkawi – The Jewel of Kedah

During my stay in Malaysia I was lucky to find a promotion on AirAsia website and book the flights to Langkawi and Penang for 5€! And because I had another 2 weeks before my flight to Indonesia, I´ve decided to go. And I didn´t regret it. Malaysia is so beautiful!! And especially Langkawi!

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Ipoh – Caves and sweets

My trip to Ipoh was totally spontaneous. I met Kris on the other day and he asked me whether I wanted to go with him to his hometown and I sort of thought why shouldn´t I, so I went there. And I wasn´t disappointed.

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Happily ever after – The BIG FAT Hindu wedding!

One of the things I wanted to experience in India was taking part in a Hindu wedding. And I was so lucky to receive three invitations (!!!), but physically could attend only to one, which is a pity, because I like weddings.

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