6 DONT´S about Delhi

Previously I was writing about things worth to do or to see in Delhi. Today will be something opposite. Today I am gonna tell you what not to do or not to see in the Heart of India. Sometimes it is not exactly something prohibited, it´s just not a must.

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12 things to see or do in Delhi – part 1

I have to admit that the first glimpse of Delhi was completely different than I expected. After all the blogs I’ve read about India I’ve been imagining dirt roads, old cars and air thick so much you could actually cut it with knife.

Delhi – The heart of Everything

India has a long, few centuries long history. It has been influenced by its enemies/conquerors like Muslims, Portuguese or English. From Muslims they took (or combined) the dressing styles, from Portugese the architecture (south west) and from English the left laned car traffic. Every conqueror left however also something else.

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