2015 in 5×5

So here it is, brand new year 2016! I’m traveling already for 12 months and slowly getting to the end! How would I summarise the last year? In points, as I don’t have Internet in here.

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Wait it out. Abu Dhabi – India – Nepal

One important thing before we move to Nepal with all the news. It is this in-between trip UAE-Nepal. I think it might be useful and important for you. So sorry for the delay, but I really want you to know this. You know, practical stuff. Continue reading Wait it out. Abu Dhabi – India – Nepal

Friends will be friends

When you have an impression you lack on friends in your life, Dubai is your place to be. You probably won´t find better destination to find a “real” friendship for life, because everyone is your friend there. After few days in Dubai I could already fill the contacts list in my mobile until the last place. Why? Because the people are just so “friendly” there. Continue reading Friends will be friends

Forbidden Fruits – About sex, drugs, pork and rock’n’roll

UAE have definitely much to offer, there is no doubt in that. But there is always something for something and I don’t mean here money, which would be pretty obvious thing. UAE doesn’t only mean rich people, luxurious malls or interesting landscapes. It means also religion, and about that, as well in general they are pretty strict. What is sacred, is sacred and what is not allowed, is not allowed. And they keep it that way. And what is not allowed? Sex, drugs and Rock & Roll. And Pork.

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Everybody’s dreaming of the High Life…

Today is the post, which actually should have been posted as the first one, but it got somehow lost in between. And to be honest, there are so many things I could write about that I find it really hard to write the post, as I don’t know where to start, so it may be a bit chaotic…

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