2015 in 5×5

So here it is, brand new year 2016! I’m traveling already for 12 months and slowly getting to the end! How would I summarise the last year? In points, as I don’t have Internet in here.

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We are all made of stars – Bollywood

You can all laugh but before my arrival to India I was always convinced that Bollywood is actually a place you can visit, same as Hollywood in L.A. It appeared to be different after I arrived to Mumbai, the capital of Bollywood. There are many movie studios, and many guide tours but Bollywood as a “Movie city” doesn´t really exist.

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10 things to do in Mumbai

I want to be clear about this: Mumbai is way too big to sum it up in 10 points, there are many more points of interests there and as I haven´t see everything, I will focus on things I liked most.

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Bond, James Bond. Lake City of Udaipur

Udaipur was the last city in Rajasthan I´ve been to, and happy for me I have found a great host there so I could just lay back and relax for the whole week after the hassles in the past weeks. Udaipur is not like other Rajasthan cities, it is a lake city and it makes a huge difference when you´re surrounded by desserts.

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