Antofagasta – It’s alright, It’s ok

Welcome! Weekend is finally here. I thought I won’t make it – but here I am, still standing. My time in Antofagasta was very productive in blog posts. We have found with Elena a great host where I could just relax after exhausting last few days. I’ve never actually intended to go to Antofagasta, it wasn’t even on my way to Peru. Elena wanted to visit her friends who were participating in Chess championship and I needed a break at the seaside.

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Buena Vista Maté Club

I’m sorry about the long break in posting, coming back home and pre-Easter hassle was the only thing in my mind in those few weeks. I haven’t forgotten about you though and I’ll keep posting about everything from home now!

If there is anything Argentinias are crazy about, it´s Maté. I´ve heard once that Argentinians won´t decline 3 things: maté, water and… blowjob 🙂 I can confirm two of those! If you want you can check all three of them 🙂

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