Turn Back Time…

Leaving New Zealand was not easy not only because I loved it so much but because the good bye day itself was almost twice as long as usually. Why? Because I took the long haul flight to Argentina.

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6 DONT´S about Delhi

Previously I was writing about things worth to do or to see in Delhi. Today will be something opposite. Today I am gonna tell you what not to do or not to see in the Heart of India. Sometimes it is not exactly something prohibited, it´s just not a must.

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Hey – Hi – Hello Life. My first impression about Nepal

Many people asked me already and probably will ask the same question in the future as well: Why did you start your trip around the world in Nepal? There are so many places on the way here you have missed. Well, it is true. I think I’ve decided myself for Nepal because of the Himalaya. It is funny though, because I never liked mountains so much – I’m more a seaside person. But still, this country has some kind of magnet. Maybe it was the mountains that brought me here. They are the highest ones in the world after all. That was probably enough for me to come here.

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It’s a rich man’s world – How to get money for your trip?

Many say that travelling requires a lot of money, especially travelling around the world. I don’t say it’s not true, cause it is. So what to do when you’re low on budget? You can find yourself low budget holidays of course, but what if the travel costs a lot more than you’ve expected? Then you’ll have to improvise. But before you go anywhere it’s wise to check the prices in the internet, the places where you want to go, the flight tickets and when you already counted everything… double it. Travelling is like going on a date. You never know what pops up – it can be any unexpected situation in which you would have to spend more money than you didn’t think about. Continue reading It’s a rich man’s world – How to get money for your trip?