New Zealand’s 7 wonders

Whenever we travel we always admire two aspects of the place we’re in. It’s culture and nature. If you have ever been to New Zealand or will be I am sure you will agree with me. New Zealand is not and won’t be about culture anytime soon. It’s a about nature. Why? Because the impression made by nature in New Zealand will always be damn high, and because of this fact it will be damn difficult for cultural aspect of the country to achieve target at least near as high as its nature.

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Fox Glacier – Higher, higher of the ground!

At some point I had to say good bye to Christian and stay somewhere for longer. Althouh I didn’t have a lot of time in New Zealand to spend, I didn’t want to be constantly on the move. Seeing new things is fun, but not if you have to pack every two days. And I’ve been still thinking about Tekapo and how awesome it was. So I looked at the map, sent few emails to the hostels where I could stay at and I got a “Yes” from Fox Glacier!

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Mount Cook. Vertical Limit – Mueller Hut

During my week in Tekapo I’ve been thinking where to go afterwards and my attention caught Wanaka, yet I’ve luckily found a host in Mount Cook village (and stay there is too expensive as for my budget) so I didn’t think twice about it and went there! Of course hitching / for the first time in NZ / was the only option 🙂

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