Adelaide – I´m a BIG, BIG boy in a “big, big” world

In the beginning I would like to apologise for the short break in my posting. This is not caused by Christmas rush or anything even similar to that, it´s mostly because I am on the way since longer time and I don´t wanna spend time in front of the computer but in the city with the people experiencing all what is there to experience.

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Kathmandu Valley part 1 – Patan

Before we leave Nepal and move with the blog to India I´d like to show you two more cities situated in the Kathmandu Valley – Patan and Bhaktapur. On my last day in Pokhara I agreed with Oli that we´ll meet up in Kathmandu and see both cities together, as we both haven´t seen them yet (and I didn´t want to go there alone).

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