Fiordland – Misty Mountains

After Christian, my host from Melbourne and dear Friend has seen pictures from Lake Tekapo he has decided to come to New Zealand as well. Who wouldn’t? It was gorgeus! We talked about my itinerary and after few minutes he has decided to join me. We rented a campervan and went for an adventure into the Fiords!

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Mount Cook. Vertical Limit – Mueller Hut

During my week in Tekapo I’ve been thinking where to go afterwards and my attention caught Wanaka, yet I’ve luckily found a host in Mount Cook village (and stay there is too expensive as for my budget) so I didn’t think twice about it and went there! Of course hitching / for the first time in NZ / was the only option 🙂

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Simply Beautiful – Penang

Last place I have visited in Malaysia was Penang and I flew there from Langkawi, with AirAsia, again for 5€. My host didn´t have a car, but I could explore more just because there us public transportation on the island, not Langkawi alike, where you have to own a car or rent a bike. There are also many more places to go and today I will tell you all about them. I just regret I didn´t stay there few days longer… sigh, sigh, sigh.

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A Never Ending Story of Stairs and Stubbornness

Welcome to Nepal, the land of stairs. You were probably thinking I would start my first post about Nepal with the Annapurna Trekking. But nope, this one is about my one-time preparations to it, although at the end of the day it wasn’t very useful.. Continue reading A Never Ending Story of Stairs and Stubbornness