NYE. Felicidades!

One year ago I have started my trip on New Year´s Eve. I took the 5,5h long flight from Czech Republic to Dubai. It was a very very very busy time, full of Hindus everywhere and hassle, but still magnificent freworks and this BIG feeling that I have started my BIG trip around the world! And my plan was to spend next NYE with my parents (as well as Christmas). Well. As we all know it didn´t really work out.

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Everything what happened in Dubai on 31.12.14

After my 5.30 hours long but still pleasant flight from Prague I arrived at the Dubai International Airport not as tired as I thought, I was rather stressed about it, as it was my first time outside of the Europe, and apart of that my first stay over couchsurfing at such a long distance from home. You may say I´m irresponsible to do something like that and well, maybe I am. Continue reading Everything what happened in Dubai on 31.12.14