New Zealand’s 7 wonders

Whenever we travel we always admire two aspects of the place we’re in. It’s culture and nature. If you have ever been to New Zealand or will be I am sure you will agree with me. New Zealand is not and won’t be about culture anytime soon. It’s a about nature. Why? Because the impression made by nature in New Zealand will always be damn high, and because of this fact it will be damn difficult for cultural aspect of the country to achieve target at least near as high as its nature.

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Wai-O-Tapu. Lookin’ for some Hot Stuff

After few days in Napier it was finally the time to move further. And it was a long drive! From Napier we went to Taupo for a coffee at the lake and because the weather wasn’t spectacular nice we didn’t stay there for long so we hit the road towards Hamilton where we have found a host on Couchsurfing. I’ve introduced Maria to couchsurfing and she loved it! I have to admit though that we were really lucky with the hosts 🙂

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