Desert rose – Rajasthan forts

Today comes post of something that was going on my mind for a longer time already. In the past few cities I´ve described I advised you to go to various places, including few forts and palaces. I´d like to show you the reasons why. And it´s gonna to be pictured reasons.

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7 places to visit in Jodhpur

Initially I wanted to write a post about ten things to see in Jodhpur, but I couldn´t find so many of them and didn´t want to write about silly stuff here. I don´t say there are no other places to go, I say that I didn´t see them. At the end of the day Jodhpur has so much more to offer than Jaipur and Agra. Add some in the comments below if you can!

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Feels like heaven – Blue City of Jodhpur

I knew this didn´t make any sense to go from Jaipur to Agra and then go back to Jodhpur, but as I didn´t go to Agra before I had to see Taj Mahal. Partially because it´s a landmark, partially because haters gonna hate. So after my 2 days stay in Agra I found a 15 hours bus to Jodhpur, of course cheap one without AC, because I´m saving.

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