ALMA – We are all made of STARS

Let me present you a short documentary video about the most amazing thing that happened to me in Chile – visit at the astronomical observatory with the biggest radiotelescope in the world! I could have written about it but I thought I’d try to cut a video and after many long hours here it is. Sorry for the quality though, I don’t have proper equipment… It’s my virgin video!


Last night I dreamt of San Pedro (de Atacama)

I’ve been twice to San Pedro de Atacama. After my first visit I’ve decided it just wasn’t enough as the oasis and surroundings have so much to offer. It’s one of the most touristic regions in Chile and definitely one of the most expensive ones. And why is it so? It’s in the middle of the desert, there shouldn’t be anything in there, right? Wrong. There’s plenty.

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Don´t cry for me Argentina…

“…The truth is I never left you…” and I will never will. At least not on my mind. You’ll be always on my mind, and I will always think of you kind. Well, apart of the Salta incident which I will never forgive you for {dramatic music}.

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